The White Door Studio is all about connections. Whether it be creating them in our space or in yours. That’s why we’re taking this time to work on an online studio experience: ‘The White Door at Home’. Because our space is yours.

A destination for our yoga- and pilates classes and inspirational podcasts about Ayurveda, Astrology, Food, and Interior Design. Offering talks that keep you grounded, fed and fuelled. Spiritually, mentally and physically. A collection of podcasts that thrive on (y)our curiosity and new ways to view the world. Your world.

Hoping it gives you the support you need to grow, heal and release, wherever you are. A gentle online reminder to connect to yourself.

Feed the body, feed the heart.

Welcome to (y)our space.

The seed is planted, we water it with belief and wait until it will bloom

– The White Door at Home


The White Door At Home is offering you an online experience of The White Door Yoga. In our schedule you’ll find a wide range of yoga and pilates classes, and meditation practices. Whether you want to relax or strengthen, there is always a practice here for you.

Y O G A  A T  H O M E

How to create your own The White Door Yoga sanctuary at home


Start with a blank canvas

Remove anything that doesn’t bring you joy during your yoga practice. Keep the space functional and serene.


Choose calm colours

If you’re creating a yoga sanctuary that will last, then you can paint the walls in a muted tone or a warm white. Or like we did, in a serene green color. Why green? Green relates to balance and harmony. It renews and restores depleted energy. It is the sanctuary  away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being. If painting the wall isn’t an options for you choose these colours for you equipment.


Style your space with intention

Use scented candles, incense or aromatherapy spray to create a welcoming feel to the space. Check out : theverygoodcandle, rockyourworld and incausa. Good to know, we’re also selling these items in our studio!


Represent your intention

Consider reserving a small shelf or for instance a chaki table, where you can place an object such as a candle, statue or flower to represent your intention. As an Interior Stylist I always prefer to add large pieces. When there are a lot of tiny accessories in bookshelves, and on coffee tables, countertops, etc. it can quickly make things look cluttered and random. It always helps to corral or anchor items with trays and to group small items together.


Don’t underestimate lighting

It’s incredibly important and has a huge impact on your mood and well-being. If possible, install dimmer switches on overhead lights and purchase lamps with a 3-way switch. Lightweight cotton or linnen drapes are also a great option to help with light filtering and privacy, as well as adding softness to a space.”


Choose a poem for the day and read it out loud after your practice

Reading a poem in the morning is like a “second breakfast” for the mind. It wakes up the brain by compelling you to contemplate not just the words on the page, but also the images it paints, the ideas it conveys, and the emotions exuded in each line.

A  P O E M  I N  T H E  M O R N I N G  I S  L I K E  A  S E C O N D  B R E A K F A S T

Emily and Sarah pick their 3 favorite novels by poets

These dark Autumn days offer an opportunity for us to include more poetry in our daily lives…and perhaps in (y)our yoga practices! Yoga class is fertile ground for us to implant a love of poetry: You, who have made the choice to step away from the exigencies of daily life and tune in to the subtlest of sensations and sounds, may be uniquely receptive to a poem or two.


Lang Leav – September Love

You can purchase the poetry novel here


Nikita Gill – Wild Embers

You can purchase the poetry novel here


Rupi Kaur – The Sun And Her Flowers

You can purchase the poetry novel here

B U Y  A  Y O G A  T O O L K I T


Our Yoga Toolkit is here to release whatever energy doesn’t serve you anymore through the sacred space of movement and meditation. Feed your body and feed your heart with our Yoga Toolkit.  A compilation of tips to guide you to that White Door Studio experience while setting your intentions. Wherever you are and whenever you are… We like to keep it personal, would you like to purchase one of our yoga items? Send an email to

Meditation cushion  –  €45

Yoga Bolster  –  €35

Yoga blanket sage  –  €45

Yoga blocks  –  €16

Manduka yoga mat  ( Prolight) –  €79

Yoga blanket burgundy  –  €45

Manduka yoga mat  (Prolight) –  €79

Eye pillow  –  €10

Y O G A  P L A Y L I S T S


One of the tings we often hear after teaching yoga class “I loved your music. Where can I find your playlist?

Thankfully for us as yoga teachers, and students alike, Spotify exists as an amazing tool to connect and share music everywhere. On this page we’ll be sharing our favourite yoga playlists to inspire and guide you during your yoga practice.

1. Vinyasa Flow – Chris Hettinga

Spotify: Check out the Playlist here.


2. Vinyasa Flow – Chris Hettinga

Spotify: Check out the Playlist here.

3. Home relaxing – Mireille Wortel

Spotify: Check out the Playlist here.


4. Mantra – Mireille Wortel

Spotify: Check out the Playlist here.


5. Songs with meaning – Mireille Wortel

Spotify: Check out the Playlist here.

6. Omni Vinyasa – Roos Metje Smit

Spotify: Check out the Playlist here.


7. Flow through 90 – Roos Metje Smit

Spotify: Check out the Playlist here.

A  P I N C H  O F  S A L T

recipes from our green marble kitchen to yours

coming soon…