Yoga At Home is offering you an online experience of The White Door Yoga in our studio. In our schedule you’ll find a wide range of yoga, like yin yang yoga, vinyasa, pilates classes, and meditation practices. Whether you want to relax or strengthen, there is always a practice here for you.


Circulair breathing is an intense pranayama exercise (breath control). By breathing in a strong way we really wake up and shake up the physical and energetical body. This makes a lot of energy run through the system. After breathing the body & mind go into relaxation were some real healing can happen. By simply resting and allowing energies to surface, we create the possibility of cleaning out all kinds of physical and/or emotional blockages.

• It is detoxifying and cleansing, and at the same time can have a deep spiritual component

• Some soft yoga postures or shaking practices will support the healing proces

• Staying present in your body and simply observe what is rising and falling in your field of awareness – that’s the invitation


The intention of hatha yoga is to balance the opposite principles of sun (ha) and moon (tha), male and female, yin and yang. It is a more traditional yoga class, containing not only asana (postures) but also mantra, meditation and pranayama (breath control). All tools to purify the body and mind and to merge these opposing principles, so that we can experience life in a clear, peaceful and harmonized way.

• A very complete yoga practice, as it aims at our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life

• Physical benefits are strength, flexibility and free flow of breath

• Mental benefits are clarity of mind, stress-reduction and relaxation

• This class is suitable for all levels


Our take on a slower Vinyasa practice is the perfect remedy to step out of the hustle and bustle in your mind as a result of a hectic day. Slowly guiding you to ultimate relaxation.

• Teacher deliberately lowers your pace, to reach a more mindful state of being

• Takes you out of all the conversations your mind tends to wander to

• Revolves around conscious movement

• Characterized by beautifully soft slow flow elements

• Meant to create maximum awareness

• Replenishes and refuels


This Vinyasa class is for yogi of all levels. Whether you’re a ‘Vinyasa rookie’ or you have practiced this form of yoga for a longer period doesn’t matter. The teacher will give you several options for each pose, which helps you to develop your practice in your own tempo.

• Use the music and your breath to find your flow

• Work on the alignment and depth of your postures

• Train your mind to stay with your intentions

• Stay inspired by the many sequences this class has to offer

• Room to stay true to yourself and how deep you want to go

• Keep coming back to get more and more acquainted with your own practice


This high-energy practice asks a lot but gives even more back. It is meant for those with experience in Vinyasa, who wish to challenge their boundaries by going all-in. A class that leaves you energized and fulfilled.

• A powerful class, characterized by its high-energy and need for focus

• Forces you out of your head and onto your mat

• Challenges you to explore your physical and mental boundaries

• Creates a safe environment for trial and error

• Incorporates moments of free flow

• Not suitable for beginners, experience with yoga is a must


During a Yin-Yang class, both Yin (passive) and Yang (active) practices are combined. In that combination, Yin and Yang focus on both the connective tissue as the muscles. You’ll be leaving class fully relaxed and bursting with new energy.

• Offers best of both energetic worlds

• Revolves about the ultimate form of balance

• Both energizing and relaxing at the same time

• Consists of an energizing flow followed by a sequence of a few deep yin poses

• Learn to find Sthira and Sukha in your practice – both strength and ease

• Takes you by the hand and delivers you right where you need to be


Yin Yoga focuses on holding postures for a longer period of time (3-5 minutes). By staying in poses for multiple minutes, you allow yourself to experience poses to the fullest while stretching both body and mind. Yin yoga is restorative, suitable for both beginning and advanced yogis.

• Encourages you to lie down and relax with a bundle of cushions and blankets

• Gives you a break from chasing every thought or emotion

• Has you smile away that little voice in your head that denies you from total relaxation

• The perfect way to surrender to gravity and open up (literally!)

• Creates inner and outer space, clarity and calmness

• Helps you to find comfort in discomfort


Pilates offers a full-body workout with a strong emphasis on strengthening the core. Through the repetition of high-frequency sets of controlled movements, it stretches and targets all of your smallest muscles and joints, making them stronger, slimmer, leaner and longer.

• Pilates with our own power yoga twist, leaving you energized and ready to take on whatever the day holds for you

• Focusses on the core to work the entire body from there

• Work your ass off during this class to strengthen your overall yoga practice

• Handle the heat – burning muscles means your sculpting your body and mind

• Not suitable when you’re pregnant or just gave birth


What more can you ask for? This class focuses on skill development. To achieve more challenging movements and holds, you need a solid foundation. This takes time to develop, and more importantly, requires a systematic approach. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the meantime!

• Discover achievable arm balances, that will keep you motivated

• Follow an approach where you succeed more than fail

• Develop strength and body awareness with playful exercises

• Shake off your impatience and enjoy the process.

• Most importantly- learn to crawl before trying to run

• Suitable for ALL levels


This class invites you to experience the power of cacao, as a heart opener and a wonderful accelerator for your inner journey. Combined with a mindful yoga practice it opens the room for relaxation and presence in the here and now. A true moment of me time and self care, leaving you relaxed, opened and with soft energy to proceed the day.

• Takes you out of the hassles of the day and the voices of the mind directly into the heart

• Finding inner balance

• Creating awareness and presence on the mat

• Beautiful space to listen inside and set intentions for your day or week

• Working with the heart energy and adding different elements per class to stay grounded, open, unfold creativity, letting go and many more