B A L A N C I N G  Y I N  Y A N G


During a Yin-Yang class, both Yin (passive) and Yang (active) practices are combined. In that combination, Yin and Yang focus on both the connective tissue as the muscles. You’ll be leaving class fully relaxed and bursting with new energy.


• Offers best of both energetic worlds

• Revolves about the ultimate form of balance

• Both energizing and relaxing at the same time

• Consists of an energizing flow followed by a sequence of a few deep yin poses

• Learn to find Sthira and Sukha in your practice – both strength and ease

• Takes you by the hand and delivers you right where you need to be


Teachers : Emily Ledeboer, Kim van der Veer, Charlotte de Beaumont & Tash Richards


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N O U R I S H I N G  Y I N


Yin Yoga focuses on holding postures for a longer period of time (3-5 minutes). By staying in poses for multiple minutes, you allow yourself to experience poses to the fullest while stretching both body and mind. Yin yoga is restorative, suitable for both beginning and advanced yogis.


• Encourages you to lie down and relax with a bundle of cushions and blankets

• Gives you a break from chasing every thought or emotion

• Has you smile away that little voice in your head that denies you from total relaxation

• The perfect way to surrender to gravity and open up (literally!)

• Creates inner and outer space, clarity and calmness

• Helps you to find comfort in discomfort


Teachers : Emily Ledeboer & Yessica Ypma


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