For this journey Daniel and Sjoerd are going to work with the healing power of sound.

The Tibetan sound bowls will be supported by the gentle tunes of other ‘Heart-instruments’ eg the RAV drum and koshi bells.

To create space in our systems and break free from our ‘habitual-mind’ we will begin the journey with a strong pranayama (active breath). We will also use the chanting of mantras as another tool to unwind and connect with our hearts.

You will be lead in a world of sound and vibrational healing. The ancient Tibetan sound bowls work on all your chakras; from the base of your spine to your crown. Whilst you lie on your back and allow yourself to completely relax and rest in the present moment we will go along your bodies with the sound bowls. You will experience tangible effects; a deep rest, a very natural and relaxed state of Zen. Time will fall away and you will experience yourself beyond the mind.

For extra clarity and cleansing of your energy channels we will use scents that inevitably bring you into the here and now. Grounding and playful!

As you can imagine this journey is designed to go deep. We will see our conditioning in a very loving way  and it is your choice to let go of these old energies.

We look forward to welcoming you for this special evening.