TWD x The Cacao Circle

Een Ode aan Moeder Cacao, aan Britta en aan de liefdevolle samenwerking die is ontstaan.

Our story with Britta goes back to the beginning, to the moment we opened our studio and welcomed her as a host. She had just returned from travelling the world after quitting her corporate job, and felt it was time to settle down in Amsterdam. When she proposed to host a cacao ceremony we were still new to the concept, but there was something about the way she spoke about it. With such tenderness, warmth and with a twinkle in her eyes, that we decided to take a deep dive with the team.

The journey was magical and beyond our imagination. Within a ceremony of only 2 hours, Britta had shifted the energy in the air, and the energy in us. By sharing her knowledge and wisdom from the deep connection with mother Cacao, she led us to see how beautiful the experience of life is, when it is lived from the heart. The cacao had created a pathway to our heart, and from that profound connection we had all listened in silence, to hear its whisper.

I remember seeing tears, hearing giggles, and feeling life unfold. Only then realising then that this was why we started the studio. To create a pathway to live life in its full potential in your own, authentic way.



Cacao is a seed that stimulates the physical and energetic heart space, dilating blood vessels and increasing blood circulation yet also raising energetical heart frequency through its psychoactive effects. Rich in neurotransmitters like theobromine, andamine, and tryptamine, the stimulant effects of cacao are various. From being a soft, durable energiser to an enhancer for happiness, pleasure, and motivation. Cacao is true superfood being highly nutritious containing various minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats.



Honouring and celebrating cacao as a sacred drink is an ancient tradition, originating from the Mayans in Mesoamerica. In the Mayan Cosmovision, cacao plays a fundamental role: opening pathways to the divine realms, allowing connection to elements and subtle forces. As “food of the gods” cacao enjoyed high value and significance for thousands of years. It was a sign of wealth, power, abundance, and fertility. Honoured in rituals, offered to the gods in ceremonies, feasts, burials, and sacrifices.



Cacao is the language of the heart. Elevating humanity in our heart space. Cacao has direct effects on the brain and on the electromagnetic fields of the body and especially the heart. Something that must be experienced firsthand. Cacao works on the subtle levels by energetically opening the heart center allowing us to enter a state of love and bliss. It strongly supports the act of meditation, healing work, creative expression, human connection, and energetical and physical release.


Cacao is a true superfood being highly nutritious 

  • Ceremonial cacao contains around 30% of healthy fats that are essential for the absorption of the nutrients
  • Highest plant-based source of magnesium and iron
  • Other valuable minerals are zink, potassium and calcium

Photo credits : @nehemiassancoyphoto