Wij zijn altijd op zoek naar nieuwe vriendschappen of partnerships. Nieuwe inspiratie opdoen, andere dingen leren, onbekende dingen vinden op onontdekte plekken. De mensen en merken die we om ons heen verzamelden maken onze studio een betere, mooiere plek. Wij hopen dat ze dit ook voor jou mogen zijn!. 🙂

Denk je dat jouw vibe bij die van ons matcht? En dat jouw verhaal onderdeel zou moeten zijn van de onze? Laat het ons vooral weten, wij zijn altijd op zoek naar mensen en ideeën die onze wereld – en daarmee die van onze gasten – de fijnste plek maken.


We are a welfare brand and want you to feel good and be great. We provide easy to use tools to nourish body, mind and soul that help you to rock your world the way you always dreamed of.

Invest in yourself and take small wellbeing steps in everyday life.


Founded by Emma-Lisa, a food junkie trying to find my way in the health food jungle. A few years ago I had just completed a Yoga Teacher Training program, and moved from Stockholm to Amsterdam with the plan of becoming a yoga instructor. There was just one problem – I was confused, scared, and began to hate yoga! So, I did what any traumatized yogi would do, bought a high-speed blender, and voila! Overnight, Oh My Raw Balls was born. My refrigerator soon became filled to capacity with balls of in all sorts of colors and flavors. I started to see a drastic improvement in my physical and mental health which was no doublt linked to the foods I was making and eating, so I began studying how the foods we eat affect our digestive system, brain, hormones and infammation, Basically, I began practicing “yoga” thru cooking my body and mind have undergone healthy transformations. I’m a firm believer that you can improve everything in life simply by choosing a healthy diet, and feel the need to share my passion with others.


Clean water for everyone, everywhere

We are a Dutch lifestyle brand and social enterprise, offering natural care productsluxurious home fragrances and natural mineral water.

We care for water
We strongly believe that people have the right to live in dignity, which includes the right to clean, safe and accessible (drinking) water. Having access to clean water will empower people to take control of their lives and build their own future.

For each product you purchase, we donate a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide.

“Having access to clean water will empower people to take control of their lives and build their own future.”