Our Story

Sarah and Emily have been traveling around the world expanding and broadening the boundaries of their bodies and minds since 2013.  In search of magic and grounding through sensory experiences.

The White Door Studio brings to life both their individual and collective journeys. All the things they value from the perspectives of both their bodies and minds and the themes they value and nurture the most. The Studio is home to many forms of expression: an intimate workshop space, an elegant dining room or an enchanting shelter to create or stretch the body and mind. A beacon for everything that makes you happy or balanced.

The opening of our Studio marks the end of our chapters as a freelancer and corporate employee and the ideation of our very own path. Taking our skills and experiences from both the corporate and creative world and bundling them into one space – our space – has genuinely sealed our friendship.

Who would have thought that our dream to found a creative studio would turn into reality so soon? It is safe to say we didn’t, but the abundance of natural light in our expansive – 240 square meter – studio, had us head over heels right away. Making us want to commit to it in a heartbeat and fuelling our idea to create an inspirational interior store, yoga studio, creative studio and custom-made workshop space for a plethora of photo shoots and all kinds of productions.

Want to find out more about all the endless possibilities or interested in hiring our ‘home’ for something specific? Let us know! We’d be more than happy to co-create and make your event/workshop/production dream come true.