TWD x The Astro Mama Club

Have we ever told you about the magnificent Sophie from The Astro Mama Club? You will get to know the newest member to our inner circle through a series of Podcasts she will be hosting. The French Sophie, who shares her time between Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and a lovely greek island she calls home, will be (y)our guide through the universe of stars. Through her Astro Mama teachings, she gathers a global community hoping to offer enrichment, inspiration, and information about the key energies astrology depicts in a simple, humble and more importantly fun way. Helping in identifying the right times to grasp opportunities and to prepare when rougher times are head. It is all about a connection to the cosmos and one another but mostly: it is so much fun!

Would you like to dive deeper into Astrology? Check out The Astro Mama Club and get in touch with Sophie for a personal consultation.

B I R T H   C H A R T S

Birth charts readings allow us to focus on your unique sky configuration when you were born. Amazing to get a deep understanding of you, your gifts, your path, all insights to fully embrace the best version of yourself. Every 20th of the month, Sophie will tell you about one of the zodiac signs.

T H E  A S T R O  N E W S

Every two weeks Sophie gives us an update about the current planetary movements and what the stars have in mind for us.

THE ASTRO MAMA CLUB  –  Full Moon  –  Tuesday april 7th

THE ASTRO MAMA CLUB  –  Astro Update Early 2020  –  Thursday april 16th

THE ASTRO MAMA CLUB  –  New Moon  –  Thursday april 23th