Emily Ledeboer (Yogini, former Business Consultant) and Sarah Distel (Photographer, decorator and concept designer) found the White Door Studio in 2018.  Fulfilling Emily’s dream to own a yoga studio and Sarah’s to have a creative studio and giving expression to their mutual vision that growth and self-expression flourish when body and mind are in balance.


Looking for an inspiring space to host your next creative brainstorm?  Or maybe to throw an intimate dinner party? Seeking team-building through yoga or finding ways to expand the creativity of your team through workshops? Our space is your space, and both our creative studio and yoga studio are available for rent and come with a fully-equipped kitchen. Are you looking for a tailor-made proposition? Don’t hesitate to let us know what you have in mind so that we can help you co-create your perfect day in the perfect atmosphere catering to your objectives.


Sarah’s Interior Design work is for anyone who is interested in creating a creative beacon of inspiration held together by four walls. She and Emily now know that a feeling of belonging can come from a space that radiates who you are and they would love to offer that gift to others.
Discover the inspiration that lies in finding the perfect partner in interior design. The help you seek while creating a space of your own, wherein everything that is right in your world, fits.


The White Door Studio is an experience. A personal one. It arose from both Emily and Sarah’s deeply-rooted dreams and is meant to captivate your senses. To release any (creative) energy that needs to be set free and ignite new things, new ideas, and new perspectives.

We create this through deeply restorative, activating and energizing encounters, workshops, and yoga. As a creative hub, it is for everyone and from everyone. Because without its guests, our studio is ‘merely’ a beautiful space.

The White Door Studio takes its guests by the hand and feeds them with innovative, carefully-curated insights. To offer tools to grow in any sense of self-expression.

Whether it be your yoga practice, the ritual of preparing a nourishing meal or the composition of that picture-perfect photo.

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